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Not all websites are created equal. 

Not all websites are created equal. Some clients just want a little help, while others realise that web design is not their strong suit and prefer to leave it to the Pros.

While not all websites are created equal, we can at least agree on one thing - the awesome Wix platform you have chosen for your new website. Some clients enjoy the challenge of doing it all themselves (with a little help from a Wix Pro), while others realise that web design is not their strong suit and prefer to leave it to the professionals. Both recognise the ease with which the Wix platform can be maintained, updated and edited without the need for expensive long-term maintenance agreements, endless updates or back-ups. Both recognise the cost saving the Wix platform can offer. 


Wix Pro Designers

At Wix Pro Designers Australia we don't like hidden surprises - and nor should you. We want you to know exactly what is (and what is not) included in your web design package. Hosting is only available through Wix. While we can arrange for hosting on your behalf, hosting is not included in your package and will incur additional fees. Wix hosting packages come with a FREE .com domain however, Australian entities may wish to consider an alternaive domain. Wix do not offer domain registration however, this can be arranged on your behalf for a small additional fee. Prices shown are in Australian (AUD) dollars and do not include GST. For international clients, we are not required to charge GST. Additional pages will be charged at AUD$75.0.00 per page. 


The "spirit" or "intent" of our web design packages is to design a beautiful website for you, assist you in choosing the right hosting package and ensuring the proper connection of your new website to your desired domain. 

Our "not so" fine print 

Price does not include GST. GST is not applicable for international clients.